The pain stops here!


Sports massage is one of the leading edge of therapies used by athletes it helps to alleviate tension and stress which builds up in the muscles and soft tissues, any physical activity can put strain on ligaments, joints and tendons, A skilled Sports massage therapist will be able to restore normal function using a range of techniques some involving a deeper more intense pressure from friction, compression, stretching, MET and Trigger point.


A lot of the injuries i see are from over use, repetitive use, dancers fall into this category, runners, cyclists, martial artists, regular sports massage helps you to keep those niggling injuries at bay helping you to train injury free, speeding up the recovery process in between training sessions, increasing muscle flexibility and achieving the best in your chosen sport or activity, minimising any post event injuries.


Sports massage is not just for the sports person, i see a lot of people that work at a desk, manual workers, drivers, gardeners, artists, musicians, police officers. Most of the problems i see and those in chronic pain stem from poor posture we all spend more time at computers , lap tops, tablets which over time can cause a posture which is slumped forward, rounded shoulders, forward head. Regular sports and remedial massage can help to alleviate pain and through awareness and education stop it returning.



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I have treated a range of injuries from:


- General aches and pains

- Muscle strain

- Neck/shoulder pain

- Overuse injury

- Frozen shoulder

- Plantar fasciitis

- Tennis Elbow

- Back Problems

- Headaches

- Repetitive strain  


What can a sports massage help?

I was an athlete myself working for many years as a professional dancer and still today teach and choreograph dance, my background gives me a wealth of knowledge in exercise, strength and flexibility conditioning, improving technique to minimise risk of injury. You may be given exercises to do at home, to strengthen muscles that have become weak from poor posture or stretching, strengthening routines and exercises to help you do your work or go about your daily activities more easily and safely.  


Sports massages