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Sports Injuries


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At the Back and Foot centre Leeds we see many sports related conditions, we help many people with FOOT ANKLE AND LOWER LIMB INJURIES.


Our podiatrists work together with orthopaedic and podiatric consultants, chiropractors and physiotherapists, whether you are a professional or amateur we have the added service of offering expert advice for athletic footwear or general trainers.


Here at the Leeds Back and Foot centre we see many foot related sports injuries as well as lower limb, back pain, knee injuries, we also deal with many paediatric sports related pain. Runners of all standards are assessed and treated with the aid of two practitioners to get the best possible outcome of treatment. We also cover all aspects of HEEL PAIN, PLANTAR FASCIITIS due to sports related problems as well as toe pain and ACHILLES TENDONITIS.


MR JONATHAN STANLEY our podiatrist offers biomechanical assessment, video gait analysis and orthosis. We also offer the same services at our ILKLEY, RAWDON AND PUDSEY practice.


Our sister practice at THE LAWRENCE CLINIC PUDSEY offers the facility of a digital x ray suite, steroid injections if needed and foot surgery department.