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Shoulders can be prone to injury, whether you enjoy regular activity such as sports or experience an injury at home during household chores. The shoulder has a great range of movement, but this also makes it unstable and open to shoulder pain problems.

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- Repetitive strain injuries

- Traumatic injuries

- "Pulled" muscles in the shoulder / upper back/arm

- "Trapped nerves" in the arm/neck

- Rotator cuff tendonitis

Conditions we treat include:

- Shoulder impingement

- Frozen shoulder

- Biceps tendonitis

- Overuse injuries

- Bruised collarbone

- Shoulder pain


At The Leeds Back & Foot Centre we offer chiropractic - a safe, surgery-free and non-invasive way of treating your shoulder which does not involve injections, operations or painkillers. Our professional team can treat you and offer expert advice each step of the way.

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How do you know when you have injured your shoulder?

  • Is your shoulder stiff?

  • Do you have problems raising your arm above your head?

  • Do you feel arm weakness?

  • Does your shoulder feel like it is popping out of the socket?